Laurel Pumphrey

Laurel Pumphrey

The Pumphrey Method® of music training and amusia therapy is a specialized program for correcting pitch and rhythm challenges, including tone-deafness (amusia).   

Taking advantage of the brain’s ability to learn and adapt over time (neuroplasticity) and providing cognitive, vocal and kinesthetic training, a client’s ability to listen to, perceive and produce tones are dramatically improved. 

Recognizing music as a multi-dimensional activity, Ms. Pumphrey has created a system of exercises combining eight separate teaching modules to coordinate the Brain/Body/Voice Connection.  As a result of this training individuals learn to recognize pitch/tones, sing in tune, keep time with precision and overcome pitch and rhythm deficit.


The Pumphrey Method® of music training and amusia therapy aims to change the paradigm surrounding a variety of musical challenges and tone-deafness as fixed, unsolvable conditions by providing positive, effective training and therapy.  As advocates for the tone-deaf and musically challenged we want to spread the word that every individual should be given the opportunity to sing or play music.  Everyone deserves to be nurtured, encouraged and welcomed into the musical family regardless of skill level or individual challenges. 

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