“When I first met Laurel, I was skeptical that she could teach my tone-deaf son to sing.  Due to Laurel’s lessons, it has allowed him to sing in the choir of his choice at school. I cannot thank Laurel enough for the door she has opened in my son’s world.  - Lorinda pyne

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Most individuals who struggle with pitch and/or rhythm recognition and production improve their musical abilities using The Pumphrey Method® of music training and amusia therapy, as long as they have normal hearing AND are able to speak with inflection.   



Training is appropriate for: 

  • Children Age 10 – Adult
  • Tone-Deaf Individuals
  • Singers Who Struggle to Stay on Pitch (Poor Intonation)
  • Rhythmically Challenged Individuals
  • Instrumentalists and Vocalists Who Have Trouble Recognizing Wrong Notes and/or Retaining Melodic Patterns
  • Individuals Who Can Sing Musical Patterns But Have Trouble Staying in the Given Key (Modulation)
  • Any Individual Desiring to Strengthen Their Pitch (Intonation) and Rhythmic Accuracy

you will learn:

  • To Sing In Tune with Confidence
  • Focused Listening Skills
  • Audiation – Hearing Music in the Mind
  • Musical Cognition and Perception
  • To Increase Aural Memory
  • Pitch Specific Diction Techniques
  • Pitch Specific Vocal Techniques
  • Tone Matching Skills With Improved Intonation
  • Melodic Recognition and Repetition
  • Ear-Training and Aural Skills
  • Rhythmic Recognition and Repetition
  • Self-Monitoring Skills
  • Coordination of the Mind/Body/Voice Connection
Disclaimer   This site does not provide medical advice.  The content is for informational purposes only.  Results of The Pumphrey Method® of music training and amusia therapy are individual and there is no guarantee of outcome.  We do not claim to diagnose or treat any illness or condition.  Please see your medical provider for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition.

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